Welcome to Rolf Schwarz.com

This is my webpage with poems and short stories in English and German, my favourite pictures, videos about my SCI international youth workcamps in Buchenwald Neuengamme and Zeithain, and my essays about Skinheads, Goldhagens book (Hitlers willing executioners) - and the image of Germans in Britain.

Bad Bentheim; Hamburg; Prag/Praha/Prague; Birmingham, England



Long description: This is the personal website of Rolf Schwarz in English and German with information about me (Curriculum Vitae), essays I have written (my Master thesis) about the development of Skinheads in Germany and their representations by academia, media and social institutions, including police force and secret service; essays for university about Goldhagens book "Hitlers willing executioneers" and a socio-historical analysis about the image of Germans in Britain), descriptions of international youth workcamps that I have led for the volunteer organisation SCI (Service Civil International) for instance in the former concentration camps of Buchenwald and Neuengamme and Ehrenhain Zeithain; as well as some of my favorite pictures I have taken over time and, last but not least a collection of my short stories and "songs for whomever".