SCI workcamps

Since the mid-80s I have taken part in international workcamps which were organised by the Service Civil International (-or SCI for short). As the SCI puts it: 

The activities of SCI started in 1920 in Verdun (France), where Pierre Ceresole and other Pacifists organized a practical peace services in order to create reconciliation after First World War. Soon the services became a practical effort to introduce an alternative service for Conscientious Objectors too.

From the beginning the promotion of International Understanding was an important value of SCI. By this the organisation became an worldwide movement with around 30 branches and groups today. Today SCI continues organizing a big number of workcamps in order to supports actions which encourages the development of a new of living founded upon international solidarity, justice, mutual understanding, participation in policy-making at all levels, and respect for individuals.

Well, yes- there is that.  I think, the camps are just brilliant fun and a really good way to meet lots of different people, go to other countries and do some interesting projects. For more information and for camps available each year click here for the German SCI:  and here for the English organisation:

On this site you will find pictures, sound bites and videos from some of the camps I took part in. The list is not complete yet so keep on checking.

In two camps, as part of the project, we produced the websites (Buchenwald)and/or videos (Buchenwald, Emlichheim) you can see here. In order to keep those pages as original as they were designed, the navigation menue at the top of the page might be missing. Instead, there is a small floating menu-link in the upper left hand corner that you also can see here in the lower feft hand corner.

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