Soldatenfriedhöfe - (II)

Englischer Soldatenfriedhof - Rest in Peace; Ruhet in Frieden ?

Rudolf Stelzer
Eli Dover
English Army

Gegeneinander im Leben - Zusammen im Tod
Zusammen in der Zukunft ?

W. D. Watters
English Army
W. Burkotehko
Soviet Forces
Alois Hanus
Czech Army
J. Sarniki
Polish Forces
Edward Dodd
1 .06.‘44
English Army

Zusammen im Leben - Zusammen im Tod
Gegeneinander in der Zukunft?

Alle liegen auf einem Friedhof.
Und der verdient seinen Namen.
Es ist friedlich - fast idyllisch.

“The flowers are so beautiful“
Bayeux, Besucher- Buch

Das Sterben von einem jener vielen, die unter diesen anonymen, wohlgestalteten Grabsteinen liegt:

Arturo Fanconi
28.06. ‘44
Age: 38

“On 28 .Juni ’44, Fanconi was summoned to help men wounded by mines at Quineville in Normandy. He at once ran almost half a mile and went through what later proved to be a. field of anti-personnel mines to reach them.

He applied tourniquets and bandages; then, with help, carried two patients out of the drive which was the scene of incident. This was a tiring and difficult task as it entailed hugging a wall all the way. Fanconi was on the more dangerous side throughout.

While the rescue party were considering how best to help a third man who lay in some distance within the minefield, another mine burst beneath the ruble on which they stood. This killed one helper and wounded Fanconi and another. Despite this, Fanconi tried to collect his scattered medical kit and to help his comrade. He had to crawl to do so, and was in great pain.

In his attempt, he exploded a further mine which blew off one of his feet. The explosion hurled him into the air, and when he fell he set of a third mine, which severed his other foot. A Corporal made every effort to help him, but the kit was now of little use and. Fanconi could not be saved.“

London Gazette

Aber Hauptsache:
“The flowers are so beautiful“


“The names of the soldiers of the British Commonwealth and Empire who fell in the assault upon the Normandy beaches or in sweep to the Seine, but to whom the fortune of war denied a known and honoured grave are recorded upon these walls. “

“Tres beau monument “

Bayeux , Besucher- Buch