Team Leadership & Administration

I have a solid administrative background and many years of supervisory experience. Qualification: Award in First Line Management, 2009/10, Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM)
University of Birmingham   Birmingham, United Kingdom
With the re-organisation of the University of Birmingham into Colleges in August 2008, I became the Web Manager for the College of Social Sciences having previously worked as Web & Marketing Coordinator for the School of Education.
College Web Manager   April 2004 to July 2011
  • Managed all stages of the recruitment process for members of the web team
  • Supervised the work of the college web team
  • Conducted regular performance development reviews and developed annual SMART objectives for individual members of the web team
  • Wrote and presented web development progress reports to College Board
  • Answered general enquiries from academic and support staff
  • Providing general assistance to the e-Learning and Internet Support Team
As part of the College of Social Sciences office hub I frequently took part in general administrative tasks.
Berlitz Language Centre   Birmingham, United Kingdom
The Berlitz  Language Centre in Birmingham was taken over as a franchise by the "UK Languagecentres Ltd."  in April 2000. Since then, the company grew steadily, adding the Berlitz Centre in Edinburgh (2001) to the franchise and opening Centres in Bristol (2002) and Oxford (2003).
Senior Teacher, German / IT Manager   April 2000 to January 2004
  • Updated data and information for marketing and internal statistics purposes using spreadsheet/database.
  • Instigated e-Mail marketing and supervised postal marketing campaigns.
  • Assisted in work experience schemes.
  • Answered information queries about courses and the Department.
  • Received and directed visitors.
As part of the office I regularly took part in general administrative tasks and help aiding students on work experience  schemes.
London School of Modern Languages   Prague, Czech Republic
The "London School of Modern Languages" was the first private language institution founded after the collapse of communism in the Czech Republic, it subsequently became one of the largest private language schools in Prague.
Senior Teacher, German   September 1998 to June 1999
  • Supervised and monitored professional progress of junior teachers.
  • Maintained and kept up-to-date a personal filing system for confidential staff record.
  • Responsible for receiving and sorting all postal communications addressed to the Department.
  • Kept accurate and up-to-date records relating to correspondence.
  • Updated data and information on computer using Spreadsheet/ Database Package.
  • Answered information queries about courses and the Department.
  • Received and directed visitors.
I was initially employed as a general Teacher of German, but as a result of my success with corporate clients I was promoted to Senior Teacher for German in September 1998. I then had the responsibility for devising a range of courses from elementary to advanced level for a department of four teachers, supervising the work of junior teachers in my department. I was responsible for a range of administrative duties ensuring the smooth running  the German department. I helped devise and write new courses, contributed to teacher development sessions, attended management meetings.
Service Civil International   Various sites in Germany
The "Service Civil International" is a volunteer organisation which organises international youth work camps in Europe and overseas. The project assignments range from social, ecological work to restoration of public buildings and assistance to documentation centres of former concentration camps.
Project Manager (24 projects)   1994 to 2011
  • Compiled and maintained lists of participants.
  • Managed the budget.
  • Kept accurate records about cash receipts, work materials and tools and other equipment.
My task was to monitor the progress of the projects. In addition to that I was responsible for the coffers (food, excursions, free- time activities), public relations, health matters and security of the camp.  
Hans Heinrich Petersen   Hamburg, Germany
The company "Hans Heinrich Petersen" is one of the largest book distributors in Germany, working for renowned publishers like "Rowohlt", "Fischer" and "Carlsen Verlag".
Part-time Logistic Supervisor   1992 to 1996
  • Assembled and prepared freight consignments.
  • Monitored and maintained up-to-date stocks of materials.
  • Assisted in signing-off and clearance of orders against delivery notes
During my four years employment I worked 20 hours per week and was involved in every aspect of book distribution on shop floor level.
Condor Versicherungen; Co-op Supermarkt   Hamburg, Germany
"Co-op Supermankt" (Retail) and "Condor Versicherungen" (Insurance) are both large companies with regional headquarters in Hamburg.
Temporary work in postal department   Summers 1986 and 1988
  • Collected post from and delivered post to various post offices by car.
  • Assisted in opening and sorting of incoming post.
  • Supported staff in sorting and franking outgoing post.
Both in 1986 (Condor Versicherungen) and 1988 (Co-op Supermarkt) I worked in the postal departments for several weeks at each ocasion.