The first time I saw you

The first time I saw you
I couldn´t take away my view.
Oh, you really looked so fine
and with every move you made
you enchanted this heart of mine.

But the other boys were enchanted too,
so what could I then mean to you?
And when you passed outside our door
I only thought ironically:
'Could it be me that she´s is looking for ?'

And as you were smiling at me
my soul was flying like a bee.
You asked if I would play that song
but choose a one I couldn´t do:
'Oh, why must this go so wrong ?'

This inability struck my heart
and I thought: 'Oh, what a start,
that really was a flop,
my kingdom for a good excuse:
'I need a Capo that I haven´t got."

How could I win your heart ?
Didn´t the others hold all the cards ?
What could I do, what could I say?
Wasn´t it against all odds ?
I caught your eyes- and looked away.

And when I came to you
to try to speak a word or two
I forced myself to stay cool
but I couldn´t remember a single word
and I felt like a fool. 

So I kept watching you time and again,
I watched you running through the bain,
I looked at you by night and day,
I saw you dancing and playing pool
and listened to every word you would say.

I saw you digging in a line,
I saw you laughing and drinking wine,
I saw you talking to the other guys,
Girl, you really captured my heart
with every look of your eyes.

And then came Friday with it´s game
where the truth we had to name.
I was excited more than a bit
as the two special questions were asked
but now, I never want to miss it.