Can you imagine what you have done ?
I´m lost since you are gone.
So take a look at me now,
every rose on its bough
brings back the memory of your face
and leaves behind an empty space.

If I reach places where we have been
or seeing things that we have seen
and thinking of the time we spent
I feel the soft grip of your hand
and I look around: What do I see?
It´s you!- No, a vision is just fooling me.

Nothing is  the same as it was before
you are the girl that I adore.
And it is you that I do miss
and also the warm thrill of your kiss.
So let me say it very clear
that I really do want you near.

But to dream of you it´s all what´s remains
and in my dreams I kiss your lips time and again,
but when I open my eyes and switch on the light
it´s only the pillow that I hold tight.
So I look up calling heaven above:
"Send me  an angel, send me my love."

Looking at your pictures at home
it´s hard to spend the time alone
I wish I could make you coming back,
there are so many reasons for me to beg,
there is so much I have to say to you,
but the most important: I need you!

But to wait for you is all I can do
hoping our time will start anew.
But why is my heart struck with fear
that I will never see you near ?
Don´t you know that my soul is a black room of pain
that ask despairingly: “Will we meet again ?“

For the time we had I don´t want to be
just a page in your diary.
Be sure, whenever you will call for me
I won´t hesitate and come from Germany
and leave all fears and pains behind,
oh, I can see it in my mind:

Birds will sing here and there,
butterflies are far and near
and the sky will be so blue.
Flowers will be everywhere
when I whisper in your ear:
“I love you.“