Tell me

Tell me, could this be true
that I sit here beside you.

Oh, what a lovely night,
you are holding me tight.

I feel your hart beat with mine-
you are looking so fine:

I love to kiss your face
I love your gentle embrace

I love the perfume of your hair,
I love your charming way you care.

I love to nibble at your ear,
I love to watch you when you´re near.

I love your friendly smile,
I love your grace and style.

I love to look into your eyes,
I love your roguish replies

I promise that I will reminisce
even every little kiss.

You treat me so tender,
oh, Alison, I surrender.

There couldn´t be any harm
I feel save in your arms.

I´m  begging all day
never take your sweet love away.

My arms are open wide
I have nothing to hide.

Believe me when I say
you, I won´t betray.

I hope that you see
what your love means to me.