It´s a god-damn shame

I am a dreamer-
without dreams one possibly wouldn´t survive,
they say.

But sometimes it flashes out:

To hell with all the pastel shades!
Consideration- who cares ?
Fuck the intellect-
to bawl as one feels,
to be on the booze, rowing,
to drown in lust,
to get life at it´s testicles.

I know a girl,
she has all my sympathies,
I never really dared,
I rather dreamed away.

I am going to see her.

What, if I simply grasped her
and gave her a big, long kiss-
she would be shocked,
but, even worse,
what if she liked it ?

Besides she has a boyfriend-


image to separate the different parts of the poem

I didn´t do it.

When we met all I did was
to say: "Hello."